Stop the White Man March – Liverpool

[What follows is a personal report on the national mobilisation against the White Man March] The day started off brightly, in both terms of the weather and of moral. Various anti-fascist groups from around the country began the day by meeting up at St Luke’s church in Liverpool. They were also joined by members and... Continue Reading →

Anti-Fascist Bloc Against “Pegida UK”

London Anti-Fascists have put a London-wide call-out for a bloc against the fascist Pegida group. 4pm Saturday 4th April / Central London "We urge all of our supporters to join us on the streets as part of a mass show of strength against PEGIDA and against all far-right movements." Facebook

Roundup of a Crazy Weekend

Very good write-up of this weekends events.

Brighton Anti-fascists

This weekend has been very busy for antifascists around the country, with many demonstrations and some interesting (and worrying!) developments.

First off, SS wannabes National Action staged a “White Man March” in Newcastle. North East Antifascists, alongside London Antifascists and many other autonomous groups, confronted them and made sure they had a real shit time. Chants such as “Hitler was right!”, plus burning an LGBT and Israeli flag, got 9 of them (ie half of their demo) nicked for racial hatred. It ended with around 20 idiots standing protected by dozens of police, sieg heiling to an empty street. Well done guys, that was a major victory for the white race /sarcasm.

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Anti-fascist mobilisation to Dover

The best laid plans of far-right to ‘secure our borders’ was in tatters thanks to the intervention of militant anti-fascists in Dover on Sunday 25 January. Afed members were amongst a decent contingent across the South East and further that was able to mobilise against the dregs of the far-right to not allow them free... Continue Reading →

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