How to join

Firstly, you do not have to be a member of the Federation in order to get involved with many of our projects or events.

If you want to join you should first check out what kind of projects we are involved in already. However, we are a member led organization and if you wish to join with an eye to getting the ball rolling on a new project we will try to support you as far as we can.

You should also check out the aims and principles and constitution of the Federation and make sure you are happy working in accordance with them. These aims and principals are probably due an overhaul at this point, but they will still give you a rough idea of the theoretical background we are coming from.

After you have done this, check out our contact page for ways to talk to us. You can also ask us about joining at any of our events.

Why Join The Anarchist Federation?

We see ourselves as just one element in a multifaceted struggle against state and capital. We are not trying to be the be all and end all of radical organising, and we often start projects with those outside of the federation and end up growing far beyond it.

What we do provide is formal group that offers both a venue in which anarchists can discuss what tactics and strategies we should be pursuing and also actively organise to put those ideas into practice, learn from the experience, and become better militants.

We also act as a point of contact for those who wish to get involved in anarchism who have no personal contacts already within the movement, and provide an unashamedly anarchist presence in the struggles we are involved in.

We do not seek to control or co-opt those struggles, but we try to spread anarchist communist ideas and analysis and prove the worth of anarchist praxis through practicing what we preach and demonstrating that anarchist ideas work.

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