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Solidarity Action in Support of Arrested Spanish Comrades

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The Spanish state has been continuing repression against anarchists for some time, initially in the form of Operation Pandora then Operation Piñata. So fearful is the Spanish state of a generalised militancy by the working class, that it has sought to gag libertarian militants involved in wide ranging work and activities with ludicrous anti-terror laws in a bid to avoid mass opposition to austerity as is happening in Greece.

News reaches us slowly of raids, farcical accusations and harassing of comrades, in addition to incarceration.

As our comrades in the FAI have indicated in the growing face of the repression faced by anarchists “The intent seems clear: the State is a terrorist organisation that is sustained through violence.”

In response to this a demonstration was called against the Spanish embassy on the evening of Saturday 14th November. A good sizable turnout saw members of Essex Zapatista Solidarity Group, Collectivo Anti-Capitalista Londres, the Anarchist Federation and Solidarity Federation turn out to express opposition to the continuing repression against our Spanish comrades.

A speech was read out demanding an immediate release of political prisoners.

spanish demo

Ya basta!


Suruc Massacre, London Responds

London demonstration

The terrible tragedy that befell the Turkish town of Suruc following an ISIS inspired suicide bomber on Monday 20 July has had undoubtedly massive repercussions. Social media is awash with accusations against the ruling party, there have been major disturbances in Turkey and already retaliations have begun.

The gathering at Suruc was called to look at the possible reconstruction of Kobane, which lies approximately 15 km south on the other side of the Syrian border. Kobane until recently had an ISIS presence. The meeting was called by the Marxist-Leninist Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) the youth wing of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP). Just prior to the bombings they had declared that “The children of Gezi [the park riots of a few years prior] are gathered in Suruc’s Amara Cultural Center to go to Kobani.” Little did they anticipate what was to follow.

What we also know is that of the 300 present there was an international contingent including a member from Black Rose/IWW who were there to offer solidarity and they have put together a well circulated statement. Of the 32 who have now been declared dead, two have also been connected to Turkeys – Anarchist Initiative (Anarşist Komünist Inisiyatif/AKI) who have thrown themselves into a spate of solidarity actions.


Vigil for the dead

We should all be deeply moved by their loss. If ever ISIS wanted a fitting summary to its heartless carnage it was in attacking a youth mobilisation hoping to bring a little relief after such misery to region.

The Kurdish and Turkish community of London wasted no time in mobilising its grief against the tragedy. The response the next day resulted in an inspirational display of thousands amongst which we numbered amongst a small contingent of anarchists and anti-fascists offering our sombre reflection on the terrible recent events. Vigils were held and rumour had it the police had the audacity to pester people about burning an ISIS flag. Nothing better to do, eh?

There are further attempts to co-ordinate actions around the weekend. Saturday and possibly Sunday.

Solidarity with victimised cleaner


Lenin Escudero, the SOAS UNISON rep for the Vernon Square campus at SOAS and one of the leading activists in the SOAS Justice for Cleaners campaign was suspended recently for his organising activities.

Lenin was suspended by the cleaning contractor, ISS, on the 5 September 2012 for “refusing to obey a reasonable management instruction” in what many see as blatant victimisation and an attempt to intimidate cleaners involved in  the campaign for dignity and equality of treatment for all workers at SOAS.

•Drop the disciplinary charges
•Reinstate Lenin immediately
•Both SOAS and ISS must constructively engage with Justice for Cleaners campaign, which demands equal terms and conditions for outsourced workers in our institution

Protest: 12.30pm, Thursday 4th October, Outside main SOAS building Russell Square.

London AF supported the  picket action on Tuesday October 2nd and urges support for the picket on Thursday October 4th. Please try and support this action.

Please also sign the petition initiated by the SOAS Students’ Union in support of Lenin athttp://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petition/demand-soas-cleaner-lenin-escudero-reinstated/5263