Death to Gentrification, From London to Exarchia

For those of us surviving in London, the birthplace of capitalism and one of the places where the process of deterritorization, gentrification and individualisation of social life has reached its furthest phase, Exarchia has served as an example of resistance and counter-attack against those same forces for many years. As we struggle to fight against... Continue Reading →

Update On Fundraiser For Sundanese Anarchists

The original fundraiser was taken down. A new fundraiser can be found HERE Details of the Fundraiser:"As you may have heard, at the end of October last year, the military leadership in Sudan lead a coup and overthrew the civilian government after a period of instability following the deposition of the autocrat Omar al-Bashir two... Continue Reading →

Updated Resources

We have updated our resources page so that it now contains PDFs of some of the pamphlets/zines we have been printing recently. Seven Lies Police Have Told You and What Really Happened In Bristol These are pamphlet versions of two articles by our comrades in the Bristol group, covering the misinformation spread by the police... Continue Reading →

CNT Lawyer Activist Released!

In our continuing attempt to monitor the draconian and repressive laws afflicting our comrades in Spain, we are glad to recently have received this piece of news translated from this webpage. “The National Court signed the release order after eighteen days decreeing his imprisonment in Soto del Real. Judge Juan Pablo Gonzalez, after analysing the... Continue Reading →

Operation Piñata: Last Prisoner Is Released

What follows is a translation from a Spanish site covering the recent repression against anarchists in Spain. Police had raided numerous squats and collectives in the earlier part of this year leading to nearly 30 arrests  The last comrade who was in prison has been released but awaiting trial, like the remainder of the group. After official judicial... Continue Reading →

Repression in Belarus- An Anarchist speaks

Belarusian ABC Infotour 2013: UK in February-March. London date: this Friday 7pm in Autonomy Club, Freedom Bookshop Despite the welcome release of Pavel Syramolatau in September 2012, 5 comrades supported by the Anarchist Black Cross are still in Belarusian jails facing years of incarceration since being convicted of a range of crimes in 2011. Artsiom... Continue Reading →

Protest at Belarusian embassy

Protesters descended on the Belarusian Embassy on Sunday the 23rd of September, the day of the 'elections' in Belarus, to protest against the States's oppression of anarchists, 6 of whom are in prisons. We’re glad to announce that after 620 days in prison Pavel Syramolatau was released from prison by president pardon on September 27th.... Continue Reading →

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