Protest at Belarusian embassy

Protesters descended on the Belarusian Embassy on Sunday the 23rd of September, the day of the ‘elections’ in Belarus, to protest against the States’s oppression of anarchists, 6 of whom are in prisons.

We’re glad to announce that after 620 days in prison Pavel Syramolatau
was released from prison by president pardon on September 27th. Pavel
was arrested on January 17th 2011 due to attack on KGB building in
Bobruisk, which was announced as solidarity action with anarchists
arrested in Minsk in September 2010. In may 2011 after more than six
months of investigation he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Their
action were classified by court as destruction of private property.

Under pressure of colony administration he signed petition for pardon
this June.

Currently five more people supported by Anarchist Black Cross are in
prison: Artsiom Prakapenka, Jauhen Vas’kovich, Ihar Alinievich,
Aliaksandar Frantskievich and Mikalai Dziadok. All of them are strongly
against petitions for pardon and ready to spend all of the sentence in
the prison, rather than asking president for release.

You can express words of solidarity with Pavel or guys in prison writing
those to

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