Sex Worker Solidarity Statement

The London Anarchist Federation would like to make a statement of solidarity with sex workers. This comes following conversations at the Anarchist Bookfair with sex worker comrades who had felt let down by the level of solidarity they had received from other anarchists. We hope this statement will be a first step towards improving that... Continue Reading →

Cross at Crossrail

On 14th September 2012 28 workers including two union representatives were sacked from the Westbourne Park site of the Crossrail development in London. In addition 15 workers were laid off at the Chatham docks site of Crossrail. The main contractor for the tunnelling operation is the Bam Ferrovial Kier (BFK) consortium. Because safety reps from... Continue Reading →

Taken to the cleaners

Cleaners On Wednesday 28th November members of the Industrial Workers of the World organised a lobby of the BMA Council to demand a London Living Wage for the IWW unionised cleaning staff of BMA House, London and for BMA Council delegates to support the cleaners demand for the London Living Wage of £8-55ph. The BMA... Continue Reading →

All aboard!

All aboard! Over 2000 bus drivers from nine garages across north London took 24 hour strike action from 3am Thursday 29 November 2012 following Arriva North's decision not to award workers a percentage pay increase this year despite massive profits. DB Group which owns Arriva PLC made a €853,665,000 in profit before tax in the... Continue Reading →

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