London Demands Better

This report was originally posted on Organise! On Saturday 18th June 2022, tens of thousands converged on London for a march organised by the Trades Union Congress against the rising cost of living. Many different groups were present, with some of the largest groups consisting of well-established trade unions such as Unison, Unite and the... Continue Reading →

Cost Of Living Crisis Pamphlet

We have produced a pamphlet version of a member's analysis on the cost of living crisis and what we might be able to do about it. Print out and pass around. Original essay can be found here and all our pamphlets can be found here. the-cost-of-living-crisis-a4-colour-1Download the-cost-of-living-crisis-a4-1Download

The Problems With On Authority

The following represent the opinion of an individual member of the London Group, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of all members. “Read On Authority” It has become a meme lately for Leninists to reply to every anarchist criticism of Leninist theory or practice with “read On Authority!”. Well, I am an anarchist and... Continue Reading →

Statement On The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

This is our statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, co-signed by the Nomads group and also posted on the Organise! website. As anarchists we are against all state wars and stand in solidarity with the victims of those wars; the people whose lives will be destroyed as “collateral damage” in their rulers’ pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Updated Resources

We have updated our resources page so that it now contains PDFs of some of the pamphlets/zines we have been printing recently. Seven Lies Police Have Told You and What Really Happened In Bristol These are pamphlet versions of two articles by our comrades in the Bristol group, covering the misinformation spread by the police... Continue Reading →

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