Reading Group Recommends: A ‘window into modern police work’

Our regular, monthly reading group meetings are currently on hold due to Covid 19. Until we’ll be able to meet again, we’ll switch from books to films and recommend documentaries relevant to anarchists... Every single day, all over the world, we see new examples of police violence, and analysing and examining police and police ‘work’... Continue Reading →

2019 – A year in review

In many people’s minds 2019 will go down as the year we learned what ‘proroguing’ meant or perhaps maybe it’ll just be viewed as the beginning of the end. The calm before the Boris. Already it looks like the right to strike is under attack, voter ID will disenfranchise thousands and Zac Goldsmith remains the... Continue Reading →

Report on Solidarity Demo for Exarcheia

On the 2nd of September we held a solidarity demo outside the Greek embassy, which got about 30 people out on a Monday afternoon. We handed out copies of the Anarchist Federation’s statement (also below) on the brutal attacks on immigrants and anarchists by the Greek state, although the embassy refused to allow us to deliver a... Continue Reading →

LAFA Again – Report on August the 24th

On the 24th of August members of the Anarchist Federation, as part of the London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA), marched against an abortive “Free Tommy” demonstration. This was the second mobilisation of the month (read our report on the first one here) and the strain of attempting two marches in one month was showing on both... Continue Reading →

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