FAGC Statement on International Women’s Day

We barely managed to finish it in time (Well, a day late in terms of getting it up on this platform – Admin), but to celebrate International Women’s Day we translated a statement written in preparation for it by our compas in the Anarchist Federation of Gran Canaria and their recently formed anarcha-feminist group “Those Crazy Bitches”. Read bellow:

Danger, danger, the witches from your neighbourhood are banding together.

We come out to the streets, like we’ve done every 8th of March for decades. But something has changed. This 8th of March we come out armed and ready to fight. Our weapons are sorority, mutual aid, and the intention of recovering the meaning of this day of struggle for working-class women. Capitalism transformed the 8th of March into a day to celebrate that we women could be whatever we wanted and however we wanted it within their rules, while continuing to be slaves. The patriarchy didn’t miss the chance either and convinced women that we were finally free. With these two allies working together, the 8th of March stopped being a day of struggle for feminism, becoming a day of celebration. The anger was replaced with music, the sharp fangs with smiles, women in precarious jobs continue working like any other day and only those that are able come out to the streets with their heroin capes can celebrate the social progress.

But for whom have these rights been achieved? For every woman around the globe?

This 8th of March won’t be the same for us, because Those Crazy Bitches (TN: this is the name of the recently formed anacha-feminist collective in FAGC) are gonna take over the streets to declare that we are FED UP. Firstly, we are fed up with the leftist sexist men who, to summarize, “in the streets they are El Che and at home they are Pinochet”, and we want to scream out loud that there’s still a lot of work to be done in the supposedly safe spaces. Our supposed allies still don’t understand what emotional responsibility and care-work means. Secondly, again, NOT ALL OF US ARE HERE and we will never stop advocating for all the compañeras who have been made invisible: the sex workers, the trans, lesbian and bisexual people… This fight is for all of those who don’t fit in the heteronormative capitalist system. For our migrant compañeras from whom we have so much to learn about their knowledge and resistance. For all the dissidents who want to transform and build different ways of relating to each other.

And finally, for all the working-class women who are slaves of the productive system and the household, the ones who continue to be the base of this murderous system that holds them down and steals their labour. Women’s work continues to be invisible and undervalued. We are beings full of knowledge and we maintain life. The slogan “if we stop the world stops” is a reality that every day becomes more obvious. We want to be free, rebellious and equal. We want them to stop slaving us at work and at home. To stop being objectified, stop dictating how we have to feel and relate with each other, stop choking and killing us. The revolution starts with us. For all of this, tomorrow Those Crazy Bitches come out to the streets to say that the 8M is not a day to celebrate but to fight. The day we are free we’ll be able to celebrate.

Until then, the nation-states, the bourgeoisie, the transphobes and any ally of capitalism and the patriarchy will tremble when they see the witches from the neighbourhood band together and organize. We hope to see you all. Long live the feminist and anticapitalist struggle!

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