Cost Of Living Crisis Pamphlet

We have produced a pamphlet version of a member's analysis on the cost of living crisis and what we might be able to do about it. Print out and pass around. Original essay can be found here and all our pamphlets can be found here. the-cost-of-living-crisis-a4-colour-1Download the-cost-of-living-crisis-a4-1Download

A Look At Counteracting The Rising Cost Of Living In Ukraine: Reflection On The AF Analysis

Comrades in Ukraine sent us this reflection, written on the 7th of June, to our recent essay on the cost of living crisis in the UK. We are flattered that people in far more dire circumstances than we are would find that article interesting enough to warrant a response.. If you want to read more... Continue Reading →

Join The Anarchist Bloc At The TUC Demo On June 18th

There will be an Anarchist Bloc at the TUC demonstration against the rising cost of living on June 18th. Full call out below: "People have had enough. Everything's going up but our wages and benefits. Corrupted politicians partied while people died. Local and national politicians do nothing as living standards plummet, property profiteers are driving... Continue Reading →

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