Squat The Lot – Direct Action Against Russian Oligarchs

As of writing a group of squatters in London have squatted a mansion, 5 Belgrave Square, belonging to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. While residential squatting has been made illegal in the UK, the squatters are trying to get around this by using a version of the Section 6 notice in which they do not live... Continue Reading →

Reading Group #22 – Ukraine, War, and Anarchism

The London Anarchist Federation's monthly reading group will have its third session on the 15th of March at 19:00 at Decentre, just above Freedom Bookshop (84B Whitechapel High St, London, E1 7QX). The bookshop will likely be closed by that time so we will be using the back door to the freedom building, further into... Continue Reading →

Statement On The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

This is our statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, co-signed by the Nomads group and also posted on the Organise! website. As anarchists we are against all state wars and stand in solidarity with the victims of those wars; the people whose lives will be destroyed as “collateral damage” in their rulers’ pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Anti-fascist Solidarity Against The War In Ukraine

A short statement about yesterday's demonstration from our comrades in LAFA: "Yesterday LAFA, together with other antifascists and our friends from London Anarchist Federation, attended a demonstration outside the Russian embassy following an international call by Ukrainian anarchists. We also wrote the following statement: “The Russian government has long persecuted the people within its own... Continue Reading →

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