Death to Gentrification, From London to Exarchia

For those of us surviving in London, the birthplace of capitalism and one of the places where the process of deterritorization, gentrification and individualisation of social life has reached its furthest phase, Exarchia has served as an example of resistance and counter-attack against those same forces for many years. As we struggle to fight against... Continue Reading →

The Cost Of Living Crisis – An Anarchist Analysis

UPDATE 1: Comrades in Ukraine have shared a reflection on this essay from their significantly more difficult situation. UPDATE 2: We now have this essay as a printable pamphlet, available here. The cost of living has shot up recently, and looks like it will continue to rise over the next couple of years. This increase... Continue Reading →

Updated Resources

We have updated our resources page so that it now contains PDFs of some of the pamphlets/zines we have been printing recently. Seven Lies Police Have Told You and What Really Happened In Bristol These are pamphlet versions of two articles by our comrades in the Bristol group, covering the misinformation spread by the police... Continue Reading →

2015 Mayday Report

Some commented numbers were slightly down on the year previous when the RMT threw their weight behind the Mayday march after Bob Crows death. On the way to the rallying point people would have come across an SWP banner emblazoned with “Hands off Tower Hamlets”. They’re consistent, if nothing else, we should give them that.... Continue Reading →

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