What We Do

The Anarchist Federation is not a single issue group and we attempt to bring an anarchist communist perspective to a broad variety of struggles, as well as take a wider view of how these struggles overlap and affect each other. We do not (yet!) have the capability to engage with every possible form of struggle, but right now the London group is involved in a variety of areas:

Education and Organisation

The backbone of our activity is providing a space for members to talk, learn, and plan actions and campaigns. We run a monthly open reading group on the third Tuesday of the month, and usually have at least one closed general meeting a month. We also irregularly organise socials, film nights, tables, fundraisers, meetings and training on specific issues, and talks on topics like ecology or an introduction to anarchism.

Dalston Solidarity Cafe

The Dalston Solidarity Cafe is a project that came out of a series of post lock down meetings as we tried to re-orientate ourselves after a period of inactivity. What came out of this was a pay-what-you want cafe that also hosts regular radical workshops and film nights, with the aim of connecting to the local community and spreading radical practices to those who might find them useful.

London Antifascist Assembly

The London group of the Anarchist Federation is one of the founding groups of the London Antifascist Assembly (LAFA) and continues to be involved in supporting LAFA and other antifascist mobilisations. LAFA is a broad based antifascist alliance that brings together a variety of different groups on the left to try and combat the current resurgence in far right politics. As well as working within LAFA, we are also interested in developing a specifically anarchist understanding of fascism and how to combat it.

Green Anticapitalist Front

Both inspired by and dissatisfied with Extinction Rebellion, members of the London group started a more radical alternative; The Green Anticapitalsit Front (GAF). GAF has since grown well beyond the Anarchist Federation and beyond London, but several of our members remain involved, bringing a specifically anarchist communist analysis to the ecological destruction wrought by state and capital.

Spreading Anarchism Nationally

While our main focus is in London, as a member of the wider national Anarchist Federation we often have opportunities to further the anarchist cause outside of London, helping organise national speaking tours, taking part in broader campaigns coordinated with other groups in the federation, and going outside of London to support other groups in a variety of ways.

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