What we do

We are involved in all manner of social struggles and to support these we produce practical propaganda and theoretical texts including a magazine Organise!, regular agitational bulletin Resistance and a growing series of pamphlet. The London group has recently launched its own paper, Rebel City. We also write for Black Flag and Freedom – before it became defunct. Members are encouraged to get involved with any activity they wish to and to develop themselves practically and politically.


The London group of the Anarchist Federation regularly meets at Freedom Bookshop in East London. Freedom is located in Angel Alley, off of Whitechapel High St near the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The nearest tube is Aldgate East.

The purpose of our meetings is to plan our activities creating a culture of resistance contributing towards building a revolutionary movement. This involves both practical activities, spreading anarchist ideas and political analysis and discussion.

To see the kind of things we are involved in, please look at the reports and recent posts on the blog.

Open Discussion Meetings

From time to time we host open educational meetings. Seem of these can be gleamed from our Youtube Channel.



    • Anarchist Federation - London Group

      Can you make this? We will be holding a post-Bookfair Meeting on 31st Octoberfor all our contacts . 7pm at Common House, 5e Pundersons Gardens, London E2
      Introducing the AF: Why join the AF rather than other organisations?
      1. Discuss why people are anarchists and why do they want to get involved in changing society- individuals in big group or small groups if more people
      2. What principles do we need and what strategies to fulfil our aims?
      3. What the AF does- principles and strategies, what we do, how we work
      4. How we are different from other groups, eg Labour Party, Leninists, Plan C, Sol Fed
      5. Questions


  1. Anarchist Federation - London Group

    Next public meeting of London Anarchist Federation:
    The Anarchist Movement in Modern Spain
    Report back on factfinding tour of Spanish anarchist movement by AF member
    7pm Thursday August 31st at Common House, 5e Pundersons Gardens, London E2 (nearest tube Bethnal Green. Plenty of time or discussion, refreshments


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