Anti-fascist mobilisation to Dover

The best laid plans of far-right to ‘secure our borders’ was in tatters thanks to the intervention of militant anti-fascists in Dover on Sunday 25 January.

Afed members were amongst a decent contingent across the South East and further that was able to mobilise against the dregs of the far-right to not allow them free reign to spread their hatred. Contrary, to what one media article has claimed there were no UAF in sight, but that’s never stopped them from claiming credit before.

The day was chosen to coincide with a French fascist demo – which was banned over the other side of the border. A facebook post calling to ‘Secure our Borders – Support the Truckers’ organised by a group calling itself the South East Alliance, an old-school fascist split from the EDL, hoped to have a quick march and an easy day in the South East sunshine. Upon our arrival, the way they legged it into a deserted pub garden it proved there on in – anything but easy!

They were hemmed in the pub garden for the best part of an hour plus before the old-bill felt confident to help the fash on their token march to a round-about for a photo shoot before allowing them to get out of town.

Given the balance of forces, a few more bods and we could have outwitted the fash and the police by sheer numbers, especially given how committed activists were on the day and this would have prevented the far-right from moving beyond the confines of the empty pub, but unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Our mood was on the balance of things buoyed by the fact that anti-fascists had acquired South East Alliances’ banner! And they were bragging on facebook that they were hoping to show it off…dee dums.

You lost something boys?
You lost something boys?

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