Report Back on March Solidarity Cafe

Oi! Oi! Oi! Another (second) Saturday (of the month), another cafe. And once again it was thanks to everyone who joined!

Despite the fact it was a shorter and earlier version, the food vanished from our tables as always. And we also got the vibe that people want more of the pizzas, don’t they?

We can’t stress enough how happy we are about rescuing food that it would be thrown away otherwise and transform it into the amazing dishes we enjoy altogether on the day.

And transformation was also the subject of yesterday’s workshop. The amazing introduction to the world of Transformative Justice hold by London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) was a much needed discussion, especially in the world of community organising and mutual aid.

We will share more sources in the coming days and we invite you all to start applying those lessons within your own groups, collective, community, etc.

DSC closed its doors at 4pm to join Sisters Uncut outside New Scotland Yard for the anniversary of the Clapham Common Vigil. Most of us were there and really found cathartic throwing 1000 rape alarms towards the infamous Charing Cross Police Station.

Another highlight of the day was also the amazing banner made by some lovely friends of the cafe which managed to attract the attention of people from neighbourhood. Sadly, we didn’t take any photo of it so will save the flattering for next time.

That’s all for now. See you all on the road towards liberation. Love & Solidarity.

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London Anti-Fascist Assembly – InstagramTwitter

Sisters Uncut – Instagram

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