Report Back On Second March Solidarity Cafe

First second cafe of the month and it was a blast!

Our new beautiful banner was shining outside brighter than the sun, welcoming all of you beautiful humans into what it was going to be your cosy home (until 8pm at least). Once again, we turned rescued food into joyful dishes for the delight of your tongues and bellies. Our worry is always not being able to feed all of the people who come. Seriously, we stress so much about it! It has to do with the Mediterranean roots of some of us of course.

Food aside, we has an amazing workshop hold by those beautiful human beings who group under the name of Trans Action Bloc. They are doing a very much needed work in this dark terf times, so give them a follow and support! In the eve, our friends from London Antifascist Assembly held a Feminist Self-Defence class and the response seemed quite heated! Sadly, no fash has been hurt though (yet). Classes run on Tuesdays in North London so, if you missed it or if you want more of it, contact LAFA to get hooked up.

We also received loads of help this time from our community (which is you!) and it was amazing. The solidarity cafe’s core members aren’t many and so receiving your support on the day is essential for the project’s survival! Mutual aid is this. Help each other out in order for the cafe to rise and shine and bright as its banner!

The infoshop tried to take an extra table this time, but we managed to contain it. Not sure for how long we will be able to.

Love you all. None in particular. Just all of you!

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