Anarchist Festival 2019

We’re participating in this year’s Anarchist Festival – there will be lots of excellent talks and workshops, a full list can be found here:

We will host and co-host:

Anarchist Federation Introduction to Anarchism
Saturday 1st June, 2pm
Venue: Freedom Bookshop 84b Angel Alley, London E1 7QX. Venue is wheelchair accessible but no accessible toilet.

Members of the London Anarchist Federation will discuss anarchism as a political philosophy, its history, key thinkers and modern currents as well as an anarchist FAQ. This talk is aimed at those interested in learning more about anarchism and will also include an overview of the many anarchist groups you can get involved with.


Green Anti-Capitalist Perspectives – A Panel & Discussion
Sunday 2nd June, 4-6pm
Venue: LARC (Main Hall), 62 Fieldgate St, Shadwell, London E1 1ES

Speakers from London Anarchist Federation, All African Women’s Group (AAWG – struggling for asylum seekers & refugees; and against forced “voluntary” returns, and protesting the theft of resources & wealth from Africa & countries of the South), the Kurdish Freedom Movement (with its feminist, ecological and democratic confederalist revolution), and speakers talking security culture & the police (& getting arrested), and speakers talking about fossil fuel extraction and the resistance against it (including anti-fracking), all in relation to green anti-capitalist resistance.

Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) had its first assembly last year, had a mobilisation on the first day of the XR Int Rebellion (“phase one” light sabres away kids), where instead of wanting to get arrested GAF did a tour of The City, sound system on the streets at the Stock Exchange and Banks on the way. We also set-up a People’s Assembly at the XR Marble Arch site on the Sunday of the 11 day occupation, giving a workshop and having debates on green anti-capitalist perspectives.


Write Here, Write Now – An Anarchist Media Gathering
Sunday 2nd June, 11am-6pm
Venue: Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH. Venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Write for your local anarchist rag?
Time to start a blog talking about your local politics?
Need to skill up to make a better stream?

Join speakers from Libcom, Freedom Press, Schnews and the Anarchist Federation to develop your skills and make links with anarchist media outlets. Alongside training sessions covering writing, the law, video production and much more will be talks from special guests including Ian Bone and leading anarchist YouTuber Emerican Johnson (NonCompete).

As publishers and anarchists we aim to develop our collective skillset to better share our politics and provide commentary on the fast-moving events happening around us.

This event is inclusive of all gender expressions, sexual identities, creeds and a general safer space policy will be upheld.

Please note:- The building MayDay rooms is housed in was built in 1902 and, due to the physical constraints of the building, has limited access. It is compliant with ‘ambulant disabled’ and provision for broader access is currently under review.

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