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Reading group #9 – Mexican Revolution

We’re back in Febuary and we’re going to be looking at the history of the Mexican revolution (1910 edition). As ever it will be on the third Tuesday (19th) Feb at Freedom Bookshop, 7pm. Continue reading


Inner Terrestrials Antifa benefit gig 19th Jan

We are hosting a night of international antifascist solidarity at DIY Space for London on 19th Jan from 7pm. The night will start with a talk by comrades from the Libertatia squat in Greece who’s building was burned down by fascists. They’ll give an overview of the rise of the far-right in Europe and efforts anarchists are doing to combat this. Continue reading

Building coalitions outside SUTR/SWP (9th Dec write up)

Stand Up To Racism/Unite Against Fascism (which I will treat as interchangeable from this point) already has a less than stellar reputation among anti-fascists, and their behaviour on the mobilisation against Tommy Robinson on the 9th of December has done nothing to challenge that reputation. As a participant in that mobilisation, my ground level experience of events is obviously incomplete and even before that day I had no love for the Socialist Worker Party, which Stand Up To Racism is widely agreed to be a front organisation for, but what I did see was a stab in the back of the broader anti-fascist movement involved in the mobilisation.

But before the events of the day, some background…

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