Hackney Anarchists Open Meeting

Our comrades at Hackney Anarchists are holding an open meeting for those in and around Hackney. They do community work, direct action, and want to build a movement towards radical change. They are looking for more anarchists to get involved and share their ideas about what a local group could be doing. The meeting will... Continue Reading →

Death to Gentrification, From London to Exarchia

For those of us surviving in London, the birthplace of capitalism and one of the places where the process of deterritorization, gentrification and individualisation of social life has reached its furthest phase, Exarchia has served as an example of resistance and counter-attack against those same forces for many years. As we struggle to fight against... Continue Reading →

London Demands Better

This report was originally posted on Organise! On Saturday 18th June 2022, tens of thousands converged on London for a march organised by the Trades Union Congress against the rising cost of living. Many different groups were present, with some of the largest groups consisting of well-established trade unions such as Unison, Unite and the... Continue Reading →

Hackney Anarchists!

There is a new anarchist group forming in Hackney; Hackney Anarchists. This group came out of some people chatting to each other at our events and deciding to get organised in their local area. We are going to support Hackney Anarchists as much as we can, because more local anarchist groups is great, but the... Continue Reading →

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