Hackney Anarchists!

There is a new anarchist group forming in Hackney; Hackney Anarchists. This group came out of some people chatting to each other at our events and deciding to get organised in their local area.

We are going to support Hackney Anarchists as much as we can, because more local anarchist groups is great, but the group is independent to the London group of the Anarchist Federation, and right now it is a very open group that welcome anarchists of all stripes and experience.

If any other local anarchist groups or projects would like us to give them a shout out and boost their own announcements, please get in contact with us. We are going to need a lot more anarchist organisation to fight back against the many crises that we are facing.

Find them @HackneyAnarchs on Facebook and Twitter, and got in contact with them via email at HackneyAnarchists@riseup.net

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