Compilation of Russian And Belarusian Resistance Against The Invasion Of Ukraine

Comrades in Ukraine have asked us to highlight their attempts to compile acts of resistance to the Russian invasion by Russians and Belarusians.

According to them, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Russian troops have refused to fight in this war, and beyond the public protests, Russians and Belarusians have been taking more direct action against their own states’ ability to continue the war. At least twelve recruiting offices have been struck with arson attacks, attempting to destroy the records necessary to conscript more soldiers. Police have also been attacked with molotovs, while some people flying the pro-war “Z” symbol have been beaten. In Belarus, the railways going into the Ukraine have been repeatedly sabotaged.

While it is often stated than many Russians must support this war, such levels of resistance were not seen in coalition countries when those states invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, even among those states where the population was generally anti-war. This indicates that the populations of Russia and Belarus are probably not as eager for this war as their states’ would like us to believe, and that there is a very militant minority that is willing to risk the brutality of the security services to not only protest against, but actively sabotage the war. As of mid-March, 15,000 Russians have been arrested for anti-war protests, and as many as 300,000 have left the country, many likely fleeing conscription or arrest for anti-war activities.

Such resistance is very important for anarchists, highlighting the ways in which we might stop our own governments from forcing us into massacring our neighbours, and such resistance complicates the common nationalist “us vs them” narratives used to justify such crimes. Hopefully this resistance grows and becomes more collective and organised. Loyalty to humanity often demands treason to the violent and inhumane institutions of state and capital. We recommend you read our comrades’ articles fully, listed below, and check out their fundraiser.

Two Weeks of the Russian Invasion: A Short Overview on Radical Civil Resistance: Part 1

Radical Resistance from Russia to Invasion of Ukraine: Part 2

Russia and Belarus. Successes in the rail war and not only: Part 3

Radical Resistance from Russia to Invasion of Ukraine: Part 4

New Bottom-Up Resistance from Russia and Belarus to Genocide in Ukraine: Part 5

Decay of the army from within. The 6th overview of anti-invasion sabotage in Russia

In anticipation of general mobilization. The 7th overview of anti-military sabotage in Russia

Emancipative fire and call for solidarity with persecuted comrades: the 8th review of anti-war sabotage in Russia

“Arise!” Ukrainian comrades on anti-war direct actions in Russia (and its 9th review)


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