London AF members handed this out outside London tube stations yesterday:
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is planning to close all London Underground ticket offices. This would be breaking the pledge that he made to keep them open during his election campaign in 2008. All 268 ticket offices are planned on being closed over the next two years.
Closing ticket offices will result in hundreds of tube workers being thrown on the dole. It would also make stations and the underground more dangerous in emergencies such as fires and more dangerous and less accessible to vulnerable groups, people with disabilities, the elderly and people on their own. No one will be there to help people who have problems with their Oyster cards and with ticket barriers, or when they have health problems, like heart attacks, strokes or epileptic fits.
How can we oppose the planned closures? 
• Support Tube workers actions against closures
• Form or join passenger action groups
• Write to newspapers, call in to radio stations to protest
• Post on social media
• Let local MPs and councillors know your views
Anarchist Federation (London)
BM Anarfed WC1N 3XX

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