AF Meetings at London Anarchist Bookfair

Meetings at London Anarchist Bookfair this coming Saturday organised by Anarchist Federation (or related)

At 11.00am in room 320 the International of Anarchist Federations is hosting ‘Spreading Organised Anarchism’. Much of the focuss will be on the Mediterranean and one of the speakers will be an Egyptian anarchist delegate.

At 1pm Room 241 Anarchist Federation meeting on The Idea of The Commune, the Idea of Organisation. Why we need to resurrect the idea of the Commune as an inclusive model for the WHOLE working class

Anarchist Federation meeting on Solidarity Networks- How and Why. Room 326 3pm

At 4.00 in room 326 is a meeting hosted by the Anarchist Federation to discuss launching an Annual Anarcha-Feminist Conference. We urge anyone serious about feminism within the anarchist movement to attend.

Anarchist Federation meeting. Sexual Consent Workshop. 5pm Room G07

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