Tech Forensics Workshop 7th Dec

Very last minute annoouncement of a Tech Forensics workshop on 7th Dec 17:30 till 19:30 at the Royal College of Art Darwin building.

Part one of a two part workshop, part two TBA.

An introductory (very basic) workshop on the physical manifestation of modern networked technologies (the internet, communication infrastructure) and a hands-on example of how to bypass them. Ubiquitous technologies reflect a serious lack of corporate and governmental transparency. They’ve become dangerously dematerialised, centrally controlled, and heavily integrated into our daily lives. On an ever-decreasing scale, there is an opacity that lowers our techno-political understanding as to how these pervasive technologies work. This workshop aims to explore some basic concepts in electronics hardware, question the implicit trust we place in technology, and delve into one method of “hacking” a ubiquitous technology to be more independent. The goal is to open up the possibility for us to have a diagrammatic conversation about technology that we can use to self-educate and catalyse further explorations in decentralisation, without necessarily becoming qualified experts.The example of a ubiquitous technology that we will use as a substrate for exploring these techno-political themes is satellite infrastructure. The latter part of the workshop will involve understanding how we can build non-government owned navigation technology that uses the polarisation of sunlight and celestial mapping to locate oneself. We will learn about using publicly available resources and concepts to build devices and we will create custom casings for them.

This is for those of you who are curious about technology and who are interested in engaging with it politically and critically. All levels of skill are welcome!

Anyone who is interested is welcome to bring a device that they want to take apart, as well as an object (or series of objects) that they think represents their dependencies.

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