Release of Belarus Anarchist Prisoners

birds escape

We recently recieved the following good news from ABC-Belarus

On 22nd August president Lukashenko has signed papers to release all the
political prisoners, including our comrades Ihar, Mikalai and Artsiom as
well as the nationalist Jauhen Vas’kovich.

This release comes after 5 years that they had to spend in prison. All
the time prisoners were subject to psychological and physical torture.
Numerous days were spent in solitary confinement as a punishment for
struggle aginst the prison oppression.

We are glad to meet our comrades and see them in good spirits! They are
now together with their families and friends. They will be under
constant police control for next 5 years.

With this happening we would like to thank everyone who was helping
ABC-Belarus all these years. We enjoyed incredible support of
communities all around the world and through this we manage to create a
really encouraging atmosphere of solidarity. Thank you very much!

Though these people are free, there are still several comrades who are
in prisons in Belarus. They also need your support.

Till all are free.

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