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CNT Lawyer Activist Released!

CNT justicia

In our continuing attempt to monitor the draconian and repressive laws afflicting our comrades in Spain, we are glad to recently have received this piece of news translated from this webpage.

“The National Court signed the release order after eighteen days decreeing his imprisonment in Soto del Real. Judge Juan Pablo Gonzalez, after analysing the documentation prepared by the Mossos, ordered the release on bail to the tune of 8,000 euros Enrique Costoya, neighbor Santos, labour lawyer of the CNT and anarchist activist, jailed since October 30 .

He spent three weeks in the prison of Soto del Real, after the riot police and the General Information Office stormed his home the morning of October 28, as part of the second phase of Operation Pandora. They confiscated books, posters and supplies . It is expected he is to leave the prison early in the afternoon. Since Procés Embat Elissa Group and San Andres de Palomar have posted tweets where they gave a ‘welcome’.”

A short insight to how ludicrous and repressive the laws are in Spain facing protest can be gleamed from a New York Times piece in April of this year.


Solidarity Action in Support of Arrested Spanish Comrades

2015-11-14 18.45.36

The Spanish state has been continuing repression against anarchists for some time, initially in the form of Operation Pandora then Operation Piñata. So fearful is the Spanish state of a generalised militancy by the working class, that it has sought to gag libertarian militants involved in wide ranging work and activities with ludicrous anti-terror laws in a bid to avoid mass opposition to austerity as is happening in Greece.

News reaches us slowly of raids, farcical accusations and harassing of comrades, in addition to incarceration.

As our comrades in the FAI have indicated in the growing face of the repression faced by anarchists “The intent seems clear: the State is a terrorist organisation that is sustained through violence.”

In response to this a demonstration was called against the Spanish embassy on the evening of Saturday 14th November. A good sizable turnout saw members of Essex Zapatista Solidarity Group, Collectivo Anti-Capitalista Londres, the Anarchist Federation and Solidarity Federation turn out to express opposition to the continuing repression against our Spanish comrades.

A speech was read out demanding an immediate release of political prisoners.

spanish demo

Ya basta!


Operation Piñata: Last Prisoner Is Released

What follows is a translation from a Spanish site covering the recent repression against anarchists in Spain. Police had raided numerous squats and collectives in the earlier part of this year leading to nearly 30 arrests 

The last comrade who was in prison has been released but awaiting trial, like the remainder of the group.

After official judicial mistakes, the last chapter of police operations against anarchists and anti-authoritarians in the Spanish State appears to be over.

We are still aware from the plot, that activists still have the threat of arrest over them and this is a continuing fact; Mónica and Francisco are still in a preventive prison without awaiting trial at all.

At the same time, prisons are still full of people locked behind walls under lock and key. Anarchist comrades and prisoners fighting institutionalisation are still fighting against the state, the mechanism of power, and the establishment. Kidnapped, as prisoners because they do not want to accept the fallacy of ‘democratic’ laws which classify and alienate you as a passive citizen.

People can see that their hopes and future comes to an end in prison, for no other reason than attempting to make a living. Solidarity, actions and struggle shall continue.