Operation Piñata: Last Prisoner Is Released

What follows is a translation from a Spanish site covering the recent repression against anarchists in Spain. Police had raided numerous squats and collectives in the earlier part of this year leading to nearly 30 arrests  The last comrade who was in prison has been released but awaiting trial, like the remainder of the group. After official judicial... Continue Reading →

Prisoner Support – Emma Sheppard

Today, Emma Sheppard was sentenced to two years imprisonment. She is the police's first conviction under Operation Rhone, investigating a spate of attacks carried out by anarchists in Bristol. For more information on what the police have been upto see here. Emma Sheppard had put together a homemade ‘stinger’ device which was placed outside a... Continue Reading →

Repression in Belarus- An Anarchist speaks

Belarusian ABC Infotour 2013: UK in February-March. London date: this Friday 7pm in Autonomy Club, Freedom Bookshop Despite the welcome release of Pavel Syramolatau in September 2012, 5 comrades supported by the Anarchist Black Cross are still in Belarusian jails facing years of incarceration since being convicted of a range of crimes in 2011. Artsiom... Continue Reading →

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