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Taken to the cleaners


On Wednesday 28th November members of the Industrial Workers of the World organised a lobby of the BMA Council to demand a London Living Wage for the IWW unionised cleaning staff of BMA House, London and for BMA Council delegates to support the cleaners demand for the London Living Wage of £8-55ph. The BMA outsources its cleaning contract to Interserve which pays the cleaners the minimum wage, currently £6-19 per hour.

The lobby was supported by Tower Hamlets BMA which sent a strong message of solidarity to the cleaners, had written to Mark Porter a prominent member of the BMA Council, and lobbied sympathetic Council members to table a motion. Pressure is mounting on the BMA

Article in media: http://www.commissioning.gp/news/article/386/protest-outside-bma-for-cleaners-rights/17/

The cleaners and the IWW will make sure that pressure mounts until the cleaners get the London Living Wage.

Solidarity with victimised cleaner


Lenin Escudero, the SOAS UNISON rep for the Vernon Square campus at SOAS and one of the leading activists in the SOAS Justice for Cleaners campaign was suspended recently for his organising activities.

Lenin was suspended by the cleaning contractor, ISS, on the 5 September 2012 for “refusing to obey a reasonable management instruction” in what many see as blatant victimisation and an attempt to intimidate cleaners involved in  the campaign for dignity and equality of treatment for all workers at SOAS.

•Drop the disciplinary charges
•Reinstate Lenin immediately
•Both SOAS and ISS must constructively engage with Justice for Cleaners campaign, which demands equal terms and conditions for outsourced workers in our institution

Protest: 12.30pm, Thursday 4th October, Outside main SOAS building Russell Square.

London AF supported the  picket action on Tuesday October 2nd and urges support for the picket on Thursday October 4th. Please try and support this action.

Please also sign the petition initiated by the SOAS Students’ Union in support of Lenin athttp://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petition/demand-soas-cleaner-lenin-escudero-reinstated/5263