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Anarchist Fitzrovia Fundraiser Walk – Sunday 08 March


Sunday 08 March, at 1pm

After the the much anticipated success of the East London Walk – visit all the hot spots of anarchist Fitzrovia.

See where Frank Kitz, a leading light in the Socialist League, met with others and downed a pint or two in the process. Visit the sites of Louise Michel’s Free School, the German anarchist Autonomie Club, Lilyan Evelyn’s anarchist Ferrer School, the haunts of the celebrated Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta, the soup kitchen set up by refugees from the Paris Commune.

Goggle at the building that housed the (in)famous Malatesta Club of the 1950s. See where anarchist sympathiser and artist Augustus John drank. Stand outside The grocer shop of Albert Richard, hero of the Paris Commune, who sold only red beans and rejected reactionary white beans.

Linger at the newsagents run by Armand Lapie, scene of doctrinal disputes. Pause at the spot where the colourful anarchist Xo d’Axa played his barrel organ. All this and much more.

Meet at ticket barrier at Great Portland Street at 1pm. £4 waged, £2 unwaged. All proceeds to the new London paper of the Anarchist Federation, Rebel City.


See Nick Heath’s “A small anarchist republic” for reference.


Memorial meeting for Colin Parker

Colin Parker, one of the founders of what is now the Anarchist Federation, died recently.

Son of a miner from the Durham village of Crook, he started work as a lathe operator in a local factory. He was sponsored by his union to attend Ruskin College and he then worked in further education for the rest of his life. Political from an early age, he joined the Communist Party and then passed through several Trotskyist groups before he developed towards an anarchist communist position. He singlehandedly founded the anarchist magazine Virus which he then offered as a mouthpiece to the Libertarian Communist Discussion Group, He was one of the three founders of the Anarchist Communist Federation, which later became the Anarchist Federation.
He was a tireless militant for his class and he will sorely be missed. A short obituary can be seen here.

Organised by London group of Anarchist Federation at 2pm on Sunday February 22nd at Autonomy Club, Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel HIgh Street, London E1. Let us know if you would like to speak about Colin/attend.