Members of London AF attended and supported the joint actions by Independent Workers Union of Great Britain and United Voices of the World Union at the LSE and Senate House in support of cleaners and security staff on Wednedsay May 17th.
Later on the same day London AFers supported the picket by Cleaning and Allied Independent Workers Union outside HSBC at Canary Wharf in support of cleaners there.

What London AF have been up to lately

Below is a list of what London AF has been up to recently and what we are planning for the future
We have organised several mass distributions of the AF newssheet Resistance, including at Bethnal Green and Whitechapel
We attended the May Day event in London and had a successful literature stall at the beginning and the end of the march. We helped organise the libertarian bloc on the march and marched with our superb London AF banner with the slogan Make London the Rebel City.
Talking of which, the new issue of Rebel City is now out and was distributed widely on the May Day event. Up to this issue it was the newssheet of London AF but at a meeting with other class struggle anarchists we decided to throw it open to others, and the latest issue contains articles by members of Haringey Solidarity, the Industrial Workers of the World, Radical Assembly etc. We hope this has broadened the base of the readership. You can get a copy at Freedom Bookshop, 56a Infoshop, LARC, Housmans, the Common House etc or you can pick up a copy from us.
We are participating in the Anti University events from 10th-16th June –Teaching and Learning As Direct Action, a direct action programme of self-organised radical learning activities. On June 11th as part of these events we will be putting on a public meeting at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1 (nearest tube Holborn) at 4pm, An Introduction To Anarchist Communism.
Later the same day at The White Building, Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN at 7pm, London AF will be hosting the writer-activist Pieter Gelderloos, who will be speaking about his new book Worshipping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation’.This book provides a history of state formation in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe, from Mesopotamia to the 20th century. Identifying different models or paths of state formation, Worshiping Power lays the groundwork for an anarchist theory of the origin of states, and in the process disputes common misconceptions stemming from liberal, Marxist, primitivist, and environmental determinist theories of state formation. Rather than treating state formation as a singular event, a Pandora’s Box, Worshiping Power analyzes state formation as a constant process, with religious, militaristic, economic, and kinship-based motors. It is also a work in grassroots scholarship, taking the study of the State out of academic institutions and into the streets, showing how a historically grounded understanding of the nature of the State is relevant to today’s struggles against patriarchy, environmental devastation, racism, war, and capitalism. There will be a talk by the author and Q&A session. Peter Gelderloos is also the author of ‘Anarchy works’ and ‘The failure of non-violence’.
We are also organising a fund raiser on May 30th at 7pm at the Common House, 5e Pundersons Gardens, E2 (nearest tube Bethnal Green) for Cribs, helping pregnant and young mother refugees in Greece. CRIBS International was founded by an AF member who realised that the conditions refugee women were forced to return to after giving birth were untenable. Many women have caesarean sections and then return to live in tents with poor diet, no furniture, terrible hygiene and snakes, flied, mosquitoes and wild boar. The NGOs on the ground were ultra conservative in their response and CRIBS was formed in response. It provides accommodation and other necessities for perinatal women and their families, ensuring they have follow-up care and psychological support where needed. This is an expensive business and we ask for your support. Come and hear about the work we have done so far and what we would like to achieve.
These are just some of the things we have done, are doing, or plan to do.
Want to get more involved? Come along to our London group meeting on Thursday May 18th at 7pm (contact us or venue)

Snooper’s Charter Self-defence

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016, also known as the Snooper’s Charter, went into force on December 30th, 2016, supported by both major UK political parties. The state, including the Metropolitan Police, the Home Office and the Department of Work and Pensions can now gain access, without a warrant, to the record of all the websites you visit (browsing history) from your Internet Service Provider. NSA whistle-blower Ed Snowden calls it “the most intrusive and least accountable surveillance regime in the West”. Jim Killock from the Open Rights Group says “it is the most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy.”

Even before the Snooper’s Charter was passed, corporations were already doing the state’s dirty work by collecting data on their unsuspecting users and handing it over to the authorities on request. Thankfully, the hard work of some very tech savvy people means there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves. None of this requires you to be tech savvy yourself, and none of it will hurt your productivity online. In fact, once you have followed the steps below you can use the internet just as you do now, but without big brother looking over your shoulder.


Step One: Browser

Use Firefox on your phone, tablet and laptop/desktop:

Install the ‘uBlock Origin’ add on in Firefox:

Install the ‘Privacy Badger’ addon in Firefox:

Install the ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ add on in Firefox:

Unlike Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari, Firefox is developed by a not-for-profit foundation and respects your privacy. These three ‘add ons’ to Firefox improve your browser’s security by blocking ads, preventing websites from tracking where you go after you leave their site, and by forcing your browser to use HTTPSecure instead of the standard HTTP. Once you have installed Firefox and the three addons, make sure to use Firefox as your default browser.

Step Two: VPN

A VPN is a service to hide your location. You should use a VPN on your phone, tablet and laptop/desktop.  For less than a fiver a month a VPN will hide all your traffic from your Internet Service Provider (BT, Sky, Vodaphone etc). This works by routing your internet use through a third party, so instead of your service provider seeing a list of all the different websites your computer/phone has connected to, they only see you connecting to the third party server. VPN servers are usually hosted in countries with less oppressive communications laws than the UK and US.

A good VPN provider will give you step by step instructions on how to get the VPN working on all your devices and should take no more than five minutes to be up and running. If you can’t follow the provider’s instructions on their website, go with another provider. is a roundup by the

Alternatively: Tor

If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, Tor is a free way of hiding your traffic. It works in a similar way to a VPN, but instead of routing your internet use through one big server abroad, it routes your traffic through many small servers all over the world, making it impossible to trace back to you. One caveat: Tor will only work (by default) when using the Tor browser, which does not have all the features of Firefox. Websites may also load slower with Tor than they would with a VPN.

Use Tor on your laptop/desktop:

Use Orbot and Orfox on your Android phone and tablet:

Use Onion Browser on your iOS phone and tablet (limited functionality at present):


Step Three: Search Engine

Use ‘Startpage’ search engine instead of Google on all your devices. Make it Firefox’s default search engine:

To make it your default search engine, look for ‘options’ or ‘settings’ in the top right of your Firefox browser window, then click ‘search’ and look for ‘Startpage HTTPS’.

Why not just use Google? Because Google collects data on you every time you search for something. “You might like these so-called free services [Google and Facebook], but we don’t think they’re worth having your email or your search history or now even your family photos data-mined and sold off for god knows
what advertising purpose”, said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Ironically, Apple also collect huge amounts of data on their users. Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are all guilty of selling out the people who use their services and should not be trusted with ANY of your personal information, especially not records of your internet use.

The above steps are the bare minimum we should all be doing. Tell your friends.


What London AF have been up to

What London AF have been up to recently:
Several street distributions of Resistance and Rebel City. Yesterday 5 of us distributed Rebel City in Bethnal Green.
Attendanceon Tuesday at Haringey demo against local Labour council’s attack on social housing. The mighty London AF banner got another airing.
Successful public meeting on the Police , Prisons and State Violence. Well attended and with attendance from Brazilian, Greek and Polish comrades!
More distros planned and more public meetings too. Watch this space!


We look at the role of the police and revolutionary alternatives to them in the context of police behaviour in Britain ( infiltration of political groups and social movements with accompanying sexual abuse)the USA (police murders and the response of Black Lives Matter) rance and elsewhere. We argue or alternatives to the police in the context of a developing grass roots movement.
7pm Wednesday February 16th, Common House 5e Pundersons Gardens, London E2 (nearest tube Bethnal Green)

Picket of Turkish Embassy January 13th

12-2 pm 43 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NT:
Organised by London Anarchist Federation. Feel free to add your group to sponsor:
Solidarity with Hüseyin Civan
The wave of repression unleashed by the Erdogan regime in Turkey has resulted in thousands losing their jobs and thousands imprisoned. Recently Hüseyin Civan, managing editor of Meydan, a paper that represented the views of the DAF (Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet / Anarchist Revolutionary Action), received a prison sentence of one year and three months.
This was the result of the action of the chief public prosecutor who pursued Meydan over articles published in issue 30, December 2015. The charge against our comrade was “making propaganda for the methods of aterrorist organization constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimizing or praising or encouraging the use of these methods”.
Meydan was closed down after Erdogan began a campaign of repression after the recent failed coup. The imprisonment of Civan is another heavy blow against the anarchist movement operating within Turkey.
Advocating a system based on mutual aid and equality, defending workers’ struggles, arguing for gender equality and the freedom of the individual , against nationalism and fascism are seen as terrorist crimes by the Erdogan regime.
Representing Meydan and Civan, lawyer Davut Erkan stated that the decision was illegal and would be appealed, if necessary, all the way to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.
The Anarchist Federation sends a message of solidarity to Hüseyin Civan, Meydan and the DAF.
Follow Meydan at :

Facebook Event:

Messages of solidarity can be sent to:
See also: