Event: Gilets Jaunes – an anarchist perspective

On 22nd March at 7pm (venue TBC) we will be hosting a talk by a member of Les Éditions de Monde Libertaire, the publishing group of the Fédération Anarchiste (France), members of which have been active in the Gilets Jaunes movement. She will discuss the pros and cons of the movement in France as well... Continue Reading →

Reading group #10 Far right

This months reading group will be, as usual, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (19th March) at Freedom Bookshop, 7pm. This reading group is part of a series of events examining how we respond to the far right, particualrly wihin broad social movements. Other events in this series will include a talk by a... Continue Reading →

Reading group #8 Ecology

Our next reading group will be on Ecology on the 18th December at Freedom Bookshop, 7pm. We will be reading the following texts on capitalism and ecology, including the Anarchist Federation's new pamphlet Capitalism is Killing the Earth: an Anarchist Guide to Ecology. The texts are: Capitalism is Killing the Earth: an Anarchist Guide to... Continue Reading →

Write up of anarcha-feminism reading group

This month we discussed a number of different anarcha-feminist texts ranging from the early 20th century to modern day perspectives from the Kurdish feminist movement. As the group was so large, we split off into two smaller groups which each held their own discussions. Here are some reflections from each group. Group 1 We started... Continue Reading →

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