June 28th Solidarity Cafe Open Assembly

This is an open assembly to organise the next Cafe and to discuss the project’s future direction.

We are super excited to be looking to organise more Cafe’s in new spaces and different formats for the upcoming season!

💥 you’ve got an idea or suggestion
💥 you’d like to host the events in your space
💥 you’ve got any activity you’d like to propose or any skills you’d like to share
💥 OR you just want to get involved in any way you can

COME TO THE NEXT OPEN ASSEMBLY on Tuesday 28th June at 6:30pm in Halkevi. Otherwise, write us here or drop us an email at solidarity-cafe@riseup.net

Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre
FOR MAPS SEARCH: 33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
The space is now WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE. Ring the buzzer on Tyssen Street.


Please do not come if you have symptoms.

* We won’t tolerate any racist, sexist, homopobic, transphobic and any other discriminatory behaviour *

* The Dalston Solidarity Cafe is a space that connects the diversity of collectives, realities and individuals who, by sharing their knowledge and experiences, will be able to offer a range of mutualistic practices. These can help the community to improve our condition and happiness, beyond the “survival mode” today’s society forces us to be in.

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