Upcoming Anti-Raids Protest In Hackney On 25th Of May

Hackney Anti-Raids, Hackney Cop Watch, and the IWGB couriers section are organizing a protest in light of the recent events in Dalston, in which police conducted an immigration raid against delivery drivers who were in dispute with the local McDonalds and Hackney Council over being forced to wait further away from McDonalds without adequate shelter or access to toilet facilities.

The police were stopped by a crowd of locals and forced to leave the area empty handed, but 9 people were arrested and many others beaten for standing up to this flagrant use of police power against migrant workers.

Drivers and supporters with bikes will be meeting at 5.30pm at Ashwin Street, E9 3DL, and setting off at 6pm for the town hall. Anyone with a bike is welcome to ride along in solidarity. At Hackney Town Hall at 6.15pm there will be police intervention training, followed by a protest at 6.30pm.

Spread the word, travel in groups, mask up, and get out on the streets in solidarity with delivery drivers and to stand against the racist border regime and police intimidation of workplace organising!


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