Reading Group #25 – Labour Militancy In The Logistics Sector

The London Anarchist Federation’s monthly reading group will have its twenty-fifth session on the 24th of May at 19:00 at Decentre, just above Freedom Bookshop (84B Whitechapel High St, London, E1 7QX). The bookshop will likely be closed by that time so we will be using the back door to the freedom building, further into the alleyway than the bookshop entrance.

In the context of the rise of labour militancy in the logistics sector, notably at Amazon US, we will be discussing two articles with contradictory perspectives on logistics. We hope it will spark a
constructive, respectful and interesting debate on this issue:

Logistics and Opposition

Logistics, Counterlogistics, and The Communist Prospect

For the latter text, you can skip the beginning and start reading with the section “Logistics and Hydraulic Capitalism”.

This goes without saying, but we do not endorse all the actions and publications of their respective authors.

Hopefully it will pique your interest. Attending every month is not a requirement – just come along when we’re discussing a topic or a text you like!


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