Reading Group Recommends: A ‘window into modern police work’

Our regular, monthly reading group meetings are currently on hold due to Covid 19. Until we’ll be able to meet again, we’ll switch from books to films and recommend documentaries relevant to anarchists…

Every single day, all over the world, we see new examples of police violence, and analysing and examining police and police ‘work’ while opposing it remains an ever important task for activists.

While all our eyes are currently on extreme police violence in the US or HK, police terror occurs every day, everywhere.

In 2017 some of us attended the G20 protests in Hamburg and won’t forget the police violence directed against protestors that lasted several days – analysing this violence and those who are responsible for it can only be a lesson.

Looking back at the G20, the police, the courts and the media, the below is a great documentary examining the role of the police and the justiciary, always with an eye on the role of the state.

What can we learn from this for future (big, international) protests?

Hamburg’s fence – The G20 as ‘window into modern police work’ :

German with English subtitles (needs switching on)


(this is also a great film to show to those privileged enough to believe the police are here to help!)

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