Reading Group #19 – Marxism (and Anarchism) #3

Due to the coronavirus we will postpone all reading groups until further notice.


Our regular reading group will next meet on Tuesday, 17th of March 2020, 7-9pm at Freedom Bookshop (84b Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX).

While the last two reading groups were an introduction to Marx and his own writings on economics and the state, we will close this season (for now), by looking at some of the differences between Anarchism & Marxism, or better between Anarchists & Marxists. We will also pick up on some of the discussions started at the last reading group.

Disclaimer: As always, we do not choose texts that we necessarily agree with, but that educate and allow debate.

Have a read of the below and join the discussion!

Anarchist FAQ Section H1-H3: Why do anarchists oppose state socialism

Crimethinc: There’s no such thing as revolutionary government

Friedrich Engels: Controversy with the Anarchists

Some questions to consider:

– What do (some) Anarchists think is the difference between Anarchists and Marxists?

– What do (some) Marxists think is the difference between Anarchists and Marxists?

– Looking back at this season, which aspects of Marx’s philosophy are useful for Anarchists?

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