2019 – A year in review

In many people’s minds 2019 will go down as the year we learned what ‘proroguing’ meant or perhaps maybe it’ll just be viewed as the beginning of the end. The calm before the Boris. Already it looks like the right to strike is under attack, voter ID will disenfranchise thousands and Zac Goldsmith remains the turd you can’t flush away, no matter how many times you vote him out. In all this uncertainty, we thought we’d review some of the good things we did during the year.

Gigs and $$$: starting with a rocking Killdren + Inner Terrestrials gig at DIY space in January (which the police attempted to shut down) we’ve raised around £1,600 at socials throughout the year which went to comrades in Greece, Russia, Manchester and projects closer to home in London.

Reading group: we’ve now been going for 18 months and hit a peak with our sessions on anarcho-feminism and queer struggles which had ~30 people at each. In 2020 we’re going to be running a series on Marx in what we’re sure will be a laugh a minute.

Demos: we’ve attended so many demos this year it’s hard to keep track. In many we managed to change the nature of them with a concerted effort by a small group. See a load of black flags on Westminster bridge at the proroguing demo? That was started by three of our members who’d commandeered a PA. If at any of the recent demos you heard teenagers chanting Fuck The Police directly in the face of the coppers, there’s a good chance we had something to do with that. On a more sombre note, the sheer number of demos we’ve felt we had to attend speaks to the times.

Antifascism: we weren’t involved, guv, honest. Despite having its ups and downs, the London Antifascist Assembly is a force for good which we continue to support after being involved in its founding.

Green Anticapitalist Front: not happy with just pointing out XRs flaws, we set up a broad coalition of groups with the aim of both radicalising the environmental movement and robbing polluters and their financial backers of the social license to operate. We’ve given talks on anticapitalism and eco-fascism at XR events and tried to take both the stock exchange and the metal exchange which we reckon are better targets than a roundabout.

Gender and Sexuality: in advance of the expected backlash as LGBTQ education is rolled out across the country, we’ve been bringing together groups and individuals keen to push back against the reactionaries. These have been typified by Katie Hopkins putting aside her rampant Islamophobia to work with Muslim groups against LGBTQ rights. Watch this space for more action to be announced at the start of 2020

Solidarity network: in 2020 we’ll be forming a solidarity network to fight back against bosses, landlords and anyone else who pisses us off. I imagine it’s going to be a busy year.

Bookfairs and festivals: One good sign is the number of anarchist/radical festivals that have been springing up. We’ve toured the country and put on events at A-fest and the antiuni. In 2020 the London Anarchist Bookfair returns with a new crew including some of our members. Who will hand out the most controversial leaflet? Only time will tell, but we’re mocking up one of David Cameron and Boris double-teaming a pig as we speak.

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