New group Green Anticapitalist Front

This is something members have been working on as a response to Extinction Rebellion’s positive, if flawed, impact on the environmental movement.

As we all know capitalism is killing the Earth. We have been observing the rise of the Extinction Rebellion movement and, while we are glad to see a growing interest in fighting climate change, we do not think their critique goes far enough and believe a specifically anti-capitalist critique is needed.

As such we are calling for the formation of an anti-capitalist block to tap into this rising interest in radical politics and to fill the vacuum of a green and anti-capitalist movement in London. We plan to loosely work alongside Extinction Rebellion’s actions, especially their week of actions planned from April 15th, while also developing our own unique approach.

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is intended as a broad coalition of groups with varying ideologies, but with a common interest in tackling environmental problems at their social roots. While we have already drawn up a manifesto, this is not set in stone and we plan to hold a meeting within the next two weeks.

You can read our manifesto and our open letter to Extinction Rebellion below.

Follow us on Twitter (@FrontGreen) and Facebook.

Open Letter:…/open-letter-to-extinctio…/


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