Reading group #4 – Situationists

Our reading group will continue on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, aka 21st August 7pm at Freedom Bookshop. This month we’re looking at culture, power and consumerism with the following texts on Situationism and the well decent band, Crass, in an article confusingly written by someone called Cross. Cross on Crass, then.

Matthews: An Introduction to the Situationists (

Debord: Decomposition: The Ultimate Stage of Bourgeois Thought, In: Report on the Construction of Situations, p.6 (

Guy Debord: Chapter 8 – Negation and Consumption Within Culture, In: Society of the Spectacle, p.68-77 (

Cross: “There Is No Authority But Yourself ”: The Individual and the Collective in British Anarcho-Punk (–there-is-no-authority-but-yourself-the-individual?rgn=main;view=fulltext)

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