New beginning for London AF

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday for sharing your ideas. We had a group of about 16 people come down for a very interesting discussion on the future direction of the AF.

We have decided that the first projects we want to work on are producing plain language, approachable propaganda including pamphlets, videos, cartoons and podcasts. We want to explain anarchist theory and anarchist perspectives on modern problems to people who don’t have a PhD in philosophy and get outside ‘the bubble’.

One of the other interesting things that came out of the meeting was that nearly everyone was there because they felt isolated and/or didn’t know any other anarchists. We want to develop a community of people who share similar ideas and hopefully can become friends. So, we will also be holding socials and trying to spend time together as a group.

Meetings: In the future meetings will be fun(ish). We will try to having working meetings where, after a bit of discussion, we will be working on projects together as a group. If a particular member doesn’t have the skills for that project or wants a break they can cook for the group or serenade us with guitar (hi, Drew). Hopefully this mean we will get stuff done, enjoy our meetings and enjoy each other’s company. Meetings will be held approximately every two weeks, alternating between Sat afternoons and a weeknight evening to fit with shiftwork. Venues will likely be Common House, May Day Rooms and Freedom.

We have an email list going- message the AF London page or if you would like to be added- and will have a Slack (or similar) group for organising projects.

Next meeting: 20th Jan venue TBC. Bring examples of designs/books/pamphlets/videos you think are good and outlines of projects you want to work on and the resources you need (e.g. I want to make a podcast, I need people to help write, some recording facilities and someone who knows how to edit).

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