Event: Meeting on future of London AF group

The London Anarchist Federation is in a period of flux as in the last six months some long standing members have moved out of the city and most recently three members resigned from the national organisation. As such we’re putting a call out to any anarchists who want to organise in London. As we’re building the group up this is a great time to help shape the future direction, bring new ideas and projects and get involved with other anarchists.

We’re holding a meeting at the Common House on 6th Jan 12:30 -3.30 to discuss what we want to do- all welcome!

Things we’ve done in the past:

Host public meetings- these have been on everything from current affairs to history and anarchist theory. They were a mixed success. The ones we promoted well had 50 people come, the ones we didn’t promote only had 5!

Publish Rebel City- this is an anarchist newspaper in London with 4,000 circulation and published every three months. We publish this with a collective of other anarchists and hope to continue. Help needed writing, editing, formatting and distributing.

Help with national publications- the national anarchist federation publish a magazine, Organise, and a newspaper, Resistance, which we’ve helped write, edit and distribute.

Campaigns: radical assembly, radical housing network, antifascism, housing and workplace struggles…

What we could do in the future: any project you want help from other anarchists to pull off! Could be putting on gigs, inviting high profile speakers to London, helping with the antiuniversity or keeping the bookfair going. Bring some ideas!

Aims and principles of the organisation are here: http://www.afed.org.uk/about/

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