It has come to this: we have trademarked the word Anarchist™

Although normally not down with copyright law, the Anarchist™ Federation feels we have to take drastic measures and has taken the unprecedented step of trademarking the term Anarchist™. In recent months we have been asked by many people ‘Why are so many Anarchists™ joining Labour?’ or been told ‘So and so is an Anarchist™ and they’re in Labour now’. To be clear: there are no anarchists in the Labour party. There are, however, some former Anarchists™ in the Labour party who are now social democrats.

Let us be sure on this: if you agree with the statement ‘The Labour party is the only way to affect meaningful change’, you are a social democrat.

Fair dinkum. Just deal with that label if that’s what you think. We can see why you went there- the revolution may not happen in our lifetimes, Labour could win the next election, Corbyn might (might) not lurch to the centre, you get to go on tv and host politico-celebrities at your talks, the glitz, the glamour… it has seduced many before you and I’m sure many after you. But please, do not use our brand name (Anarchism™) to identify yourself as one of the ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ members of the Labour party. The last time Labour tried to be cool it did not end well. You don’t even need to do do that anymore- Jezza is into jam, allotments and knitwear.


So please cease and desist from abusing our good name before we are forced to make more sassy memes about Tony.


The Anarchist™ Federation

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