Syriza and Tsipras’s capitulation


We’d support this statement from Action Against Austerity on Syriza and Tsipras’s capitulation:

Despite a victory of over 60% for Oxi against austerity in Greece, Tsipras and ‪#‎Syriza‬ have proposed massive cuts in order to stay in the Eurozone and potentially get debt relief further down the line.

Things aren’t finalized yet, and even this capitulation by the Greek government could be rejected. But if this goes ahead, it will mean even more suffering for working class people in the country.

We supported those calling for ‪#‎Oxi‬ against austerity, linking the struggles in Scotland with those in Greece and the rest of Europe. But Oxi means fighting all attacks on our class, and all attackers.

Syriza is no saviour, no champion against austerity or capitalism. The same would be true of any so-called “Scottish Syrizas” if they were ever to get nearer to governing.

“We have no faith in politicians. We have no trust in the electoral system.”

All power to those on the streets in Athens tonight opposing the left Greek government. It’s from the grassroots that we’ll change society and create a better one for all.

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