Migrant Solidarity Blockade on July 14th


Support from London AF at this action yesterday:
The Hungarian government recently announced the construction of a 175 km, 4m high wall along its southern border with Serbia, in order to prevent people coming from Greece. At the fences of the Eastern European borders and the Spanish enclaves, in the Mediterranean sea, and in Calais, migrants die crossing borders and heavily policed bottlenecks – this will be no different. Walls will never be an answer to such a natural historical phenomenon – people leaving their homes in search of a better life. But the cost of such exclusionary policies, in lives or euros, cannot compete with the racist fervour that creates and sustains them. Fortress Europe is no longer a metaphor.

As we watch the gradual partitioning of the continent, the bickering of European leaders who know they’ve got it wrong, their solutions become more laughable, more brutal: the military destruction of so-called smugglers’ vessels. Greece was offered amputation or slow starvation, while in Hungary fascists push for securitisation and militarism. But we see other easier solutions – build homes for people whatever their status, heal them whatever their income. Migzol, the Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary, has called a demonstration for this Tuesday 14th, and for international solidarity actions. Though we defeated the criminalisation of homelessness in Hackney, it was passed into law in Hungary two years ago – with limited domestic political wiggle room, international pressure through solidarity action is all the more important. Then we acted in solidarity with The City is For All, in Budapest, and now they’ve asked us again to support their struggle. This action was called along with other groups in the European Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City, in solidarity with the Hungarian members.

Through countless evictions we have learned the importance of strong walls and good barricades. Now it’s our turn to go on the offensive. They want walls, so we’ll give them walls.

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