Belarusian Anarchists — Solidarity Demo September 23, 2012 13:00

Embassy Of Belarus.

6 Kensington Court.


W8 5DL.

Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington.

Places: kensington

Release All Political Prisoners.

The Belarusian embassy will be open on September 23rd for voting in the parliamentary

Five anarchists; Ihar Alinevich, Mikalai Dziadok, Artsiom Prakapenka, Pavel Syramolatau, Aliaksandr Frantskievich and another activist Jauhen Vas’kovich were arrested over the autumn of 2010 and the winter 2011. They were accused of various actions including participation in an illegal anti-militarist demonstration, physical attacks on symbols of capitalism, an attack on a KGB headquarters and hacking into government websites.

Those jailed have been sentenced to different terms varying from 3 to 8 years in prison.

In August 2012 the International of Anarchist Federations asked for solidarity demos:
“We call everybody to protest against these tortures and demand the immediate liberation of the political prisoners of Belarus, including anarchists.”

IFA statement:
Call for solidarity with imprisoned comrades from Belarus – IAF-IFA

For more info about the arrests, charges and sentences check Anarchist Black Cross – Belarus:

You may also write to the Belarusian prisoners by email: belarus_abc ]a[ riseup ]d[ net – emailed letters of solidarity will be printed out and passed to the prisoners by ABC members. For further details of the prisoners’ addresses check the Autonomous Action page:

Category:Prisoners in former Soviet Union – Wiki of libertarian communism, Autonomous Action and ABC Moscow


Anarchist Black Cross — Belarus
For more info about the arrests, charges and sentences.

IFA statement.
Addresses of prisoners.
Addresses and details of the imprisoned anarchists.

Contact email: info [at]

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