Pizza Hut protest in support of workers in Sheffield

Over twenty London  members of the radical industrial  union the  Industrial Workers of the World and sympathisers braved the cold on Saturday 4th February at a very successful picket targeting one of Pizza Hut’s larger London restaurants at the Strand. The picket was organised by the London IWW General Membership Branch in solidarity with the Sheffield IWW Pizza Hut Union call out for a national day of action against the Pizza chain. The London picket was one of a string of solidarity actions held worldwide in addition to the main Sheffield Pizza Hut picket. Solidarity demonstrations took place in BirminghamLiverpoolBristol, Glasgow, Calais, Portland, Vancouver, and Berlin.

Keeping up a vibrant and spirited atmosphere despite the frosty temperatures, the picketers distributed hundreds of flyers over the course of the afternoon to customers, staff and passers-by.

The London IWW General Members Branch were joined by a significant number of sympathisers, including members of the  Anarchist Federation in London  and North and South London Solidarity Federation.

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