Solidarity Protest – Greek Embassy 18/02/2012

Up to 300 people attended a protest outside the Greek Embassy, in west London, on Saturday 18 February, as part of the international day of solidarity with the Greek people. Speakers from the lecturers’ union, UCU, from the NUS, from the Jubilee campaign, from Occupy UK, and from the Anarchist Federation offered their solidarity, alongside speakers from Greece, who talked of the resistance to the austerity measures.

‘There are a lot of myths about Greece,’ one speaker said, ‘and we need to expose them.’Another Greek speaker talked about the need to cancel the debt, nationalise the banks under workers’ control and break with the IMF and the EU. A representative of the Turkish community organisation, the Refugee Workers’ Cultural Association, also brought solidarity greetings.

The protest turned into a spontaneous demonstration and march, which blocked the main road nearby. A favourite slogan was ‘Athens, Cairo, London and Berlin, We shall fight and we shall win!’

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