What is libertarian socialism?

6.15PM Sun 4th July – Lucas Arms, Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8QZ

To counterpose the distortions of the SWP’s flagship event Marxism 2010, AF and SF are hosting ‘What is libertarian socialism?’ discussing – Anarchism, Libertarian Socialism and Workers Self Management/Control. Sunday 4th July at 6.15 at the Lucas Arms, London.

“Anarchism is not about proving a party line or a dogma to be correct thus its not about whether Marx, Bakunin or some other long dead bearded individual was right 150 years ago, its about what works today and about what we want to create in the future. We can take economic ideas from Marx, federalist ideas from Bakunin and ideas of working class self organisation from the various stripes of syndicalism and early workers movements and we can update them with the radical ideas of the situationists and emerging movements across the globe. We don’t need to be tied down to a single set of ideas whatever year or revolution they originated in.

Anarchism is about thinking outside the box and demanding the impossible, its about advocating a revolution of everyday life. A world were the nature of work is fundamentally changed to the point where it becomes unrecognisable, a world without all the waste of capitalism, without credit cards, armaments industries, advertising, finance and without employers and unemployment. Yet we are not politicians advocating a perfect world, we are simply saying that we can have a better world when we learn that only we ourselves can sort out our own problems.”

Contact email: nelsf@solfed.org.uk

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